Our Purpose

Our aim is to be good news for Maidstone, together and so be more effective in sharing the gospel across the town, enabling people in Maidstone to get to know Jesus in different ways. 

As a group of Christian churches, we are committed to unity through the Maidstone Covenant and will work alongside each other under the Waypoint umbrella brand; sharing resources and recognising shared beliefs.

We endorse a wide range of local events, focussed on communities at individual church and personal level. By coming together and sharing a brand we believe, we will create synergy for the gospel particularly supporting smaller churches be more effective in outreach.

Our Vision and Values

We want to celebrate the churches heritage in the town past, present and future, and for churches to be recognised and cherished for being good news in unity, not competition.

Our goal is to see Maidstone filled with the authenticity of the good news by:

  • Celebrating the diversity and different flavours of the Church.
  • Putting God on the agenda by getting people taking; to each other, to God and about God.
  • Enabling the people of Maidstone to discover and build a relationship with Jesus, their way.
  • Nurturing seeds of love into seedlings of faith in new and unexpected places.

Every Waypoint event will have; Hospitality, Integrity, Quality, Partnership and Respect at the core.

If you are part of a church or organisation, or just want to know how you can help serve, fill out the form below and we'll get in contact with you as soon as we can.

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